New In: Rimmel Super Gel Polishes

New In: Rimmel Super Gel Polishes

Now that Summer is slowly starting to make it’s appearance it’s time to get nails Summer ready with some holiday esque shades. Rimmel have recently launched 5 new shades into their Super Gel Collection* and they are everything you would expect from a Summer lineup. 

From left to right, the shades are:

Sun Fun Daze – a bright hot pink

Flamenco Beach – a hot red

Dive Right In – a rich pastel blue

Coral Queen – a bright orange

Purple Splash – a pastel lilac

New In: Rimmel Super Gel Polishes

The polishes give a gel finish without the need for UV lamps so are fuss and chips free. They give a glossy finish and look great on the finger and toe nails. I religiously used to gel my nails done with gel in the salon but suddenly became allergic to them, I’m not sure what it is, whether it was an ingredient within the gels themselves or maybe the lamps but I’ve now have to revert back to using nail polishes; so having gel like finish polishes without having to go to a salon is a complete winner.

New In: Rimmel Super Gel Polishes

Upon application they dry within, I’d say around 60 seconds, and give a really professional finish. I have been using and loving the Sally Hansen gel like polishes recently and these Rimmel versions are quickly becoming another favourite of mine. I like to apply two coats of polish to give a really dense colour finish and then apply one layer of the gel topcoat to finish. So many people have commented on how nice my nails have been looking when wearing these colours, my favourite shade is definitely Flamenco Beach*, the perfect Summery red.

Being priced at £5.99 per colour and top coat, they are fantastic value for money. I have gotten a good 10 days-2 weeks wear out of these polishes without any chips so will definitely be picking up some more shades from the collection – the nude shades in particular look really beautiful.

*Products mentioned have been sent to me for consideration purposes, all opinions and results are truthfully my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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