New From KIKO: Mask Parade Sheet Masks

New From KIKO: Sheet Masks

Sheet masks truly are becoming something of a buzz within the beauty industry and with many brands turning their hand to them there is an increasing amount of brands creating niche and interesting new concepts to keep the hype going; and I have to say, KIKO have done this just brilliantly.

They have release a new ‘Mask Parade’ collection consisting of 14 sheet masks suitable for all skin types. Each mask has been designed to meet different concerns and specific situations. Whether you want something to hydrate, exfoliate, brighten or just be a novelty, KIKO have got you covered.

I was very kindly sent over three of their masks to try, and actually the three they sent would have been the three I would’ve chosen myself so I was so excited to try them out!

New From KIKO: Sheet Masks

Zoomania* £3.90 per 1 mask

Available in four animal face shapes (cat, frog, panda & tiger), I received the cat face. All four faces contain the same ingredients and give the same result, they help to hydrate and nourish the skin. Containing carrot and cucumber extracts it really to soothe and refresh the skin, the perfect pre-night out mask. My skin felt really plump and bouncy after using this and not that the animal face really adds anything to the results it’s just a fun novelty to give a perfect selfie opportunity, or if you’re planning a girls night in with your besties this could be a really fun treat.

Make Me Glow* £3.90 per 1 mask

A highlighting priming sheet mask that helps to brighten and revitalise the skin. Being rich in glowing pearls this really helps to add a beautiful luminosity and radiance to the skin making it perfect to be used before applying makeup for a special day or night. I used this as a pre-day out mask before heading off out and my skin looked and felt amazing! It not only brightens and gives an added radiance but also helps to hydrate and plump the skin aswell giving a really youthful glow and bounce to the skin. I’ll definitely be re-purchasing a few of these to keep stored away for special occasions.

Frequent Flyer* £4.90 per 1 mask

This mask is perfect for me, I often travel with work so my skin can become very dehydrated and reactive/sensitive and recently I have really noticed a difference in my skin. This contains blue flower extract for keeping the skin hydrated and is a hydrogel texture so really feels really cooling and soothing on the skin. I love this to keep my skin calmed and hydrated to try and beat off the jet lag and cabin air.

There are many other masks within the collection, including eye masks, hand and feet masks, a bubble mask…there’s all sorts of different concepts and ideas so be sure to check them out! Available to buy online now – here!

*Products mentioned have been sent to me for consideration purposes, all opinions and results are truthfully my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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