Mandara Spa Exotic Escape New Releases

Mandara Spa Exotic Escape New Releases

Mandara Spa is such an affordable yet luxurious bodycare range and they recently launched a new collection in Summer called ‘Exotic Escape’. Taking inspiration from the pampering spa rituals of Indonesia, the range is infused with an evocative blend of coconut oil, spices and floral fragrance, aswell as ingredients including yoghurt, lotus flower milk, rose petals, aloe and cocoa giving a really beautifully rich yet uplifting fragrance.And they have now added three new products to the line for the perfect Winter bath experience:

Mandara Spa Exotic Escape New Releases

Honey Bath*. Giving a rich moisturising feel within your bath, the Honey Bath* adds coconut oil, rice milk and yoghurt to the water to make your skin feel absolutely amazing!

Bath Cream*. This adds a really beautiful milkyness to the bath and almost feels as though it’s cocooning your skin. It gives beautiful bubbles that last and leaves your skin feeling super moisturised and soft.

Bath Soaks*. These aren’t particularly bath bombs but a similar concept, just add to a running bath and they melt to give a really moisturising effect and scent to the skin.

I would honestly recommend all of Mandara Spa products and the brand to everyone and anyone I know. The prices are so reasonable for the quality of product you receive!

*Products mentioned have been sent to me for consideration purposes, all opinions and results are truthfully my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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  • I want them all. I love this brand so much and used to buy things from them regularly when I lived nearer a large Sainsburys store. They’re so underrated xxx

  • I can just imagine how amazing these smell!! I will have to give these a go for sure!!
    a life of a charlotte