My Liz Earle Essentials

My Liz Earle Essentials

One of my top brands for skincare and body care has got to be Liz Earle. We all know and love it, it’s a British legacy. They have a really ethical approach to their products which is what I love about the brand. They use only quality high performing ingredients which are sourced responsibly and also help to work towards recycling and use packaging that not only looks good but is also good for the environment. And, the biggie. They don’t test on animals. Which honestly is a really important factor for me, when any brand approaches me to partner with them my first question is always do you test on animals. And whilst not all products I use are from non animal testing brands, more brands are coming into this way of thinking every single day so the more emphasis we put onto it the more the industry will listen. I own countless products from Liz Earle and love every single one of them, plus I love that their prices are seriously really quite reasonable for the quality of product you get.

I’ve put together my list of essentials that I will always keep within my collection from Liz Earle and wanted to share these with you:

Eye Bright. This single product has been my absolute life saver. My eyes at the best of times are really sensitive so I have to be careful with what products I use around them and this is like no other product I have ever tried. Thanks to ingredients witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower it is super soothing and refreshing when applied. I tend to just soak a couple of cotton pads in the product and then leave on my eyes for around 2-3 minutes every night, not only does this really help to soothe my dry eyes but it also helps to dissolve my eye makeup making it easier to remove so I don’t have to scrub at them. I have also been using this in the morning to just sweep over my eyes to refresh and awaken them. It really helps to brighten the eye area, gives eyes a lovely clear effect and also just soothes the eyelids and eye area. It’s so gentle and doesn’t irritate my eye area in the slightest.

Gentle Face Exfoliator, normally when it comes to exfoliating my skin I tend to prefer chemical exfoliants just because I find physical exfoliators a bit too harsh on my skin, but I heard some really great things about this product so purchased it nonetheless and let me tell you I was not disappointed. It’s a lovely thick and creamy formula containing Jojoba beads to gently exfoliate and buff away the dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of the skin. In my opinion it’s the perfect exfoliator for all year round. Not only does it work to exfoliate the skin but it also contains Beeswax to protect and relieve chapped skin, Glycerin to help maintain hydration levels in the skin and Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise skin and keep it feeling and looking soft and supple. I use this 2-3 times a week after cleansing and it keeps my skin super soft, smooth and moisturised.

My Liz Earle Essentials

Cleanse & Polish is known for its cult status, being the winner of multiple awards it really is a household name. With ingredients such as eucalyptus and cocoa butter it leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth, which I can most definitely vouch for. To apply, there are two parts to the cleansing process. First is cleanse, I spend a good 2-3 minutes massaging the creamy formula into dry skin to melt away any remains of makeup and shift any dirt or grime which has built up on my skin over the day. Second is polish, this step sees you remove the remains of the cleanser with a damp muslin cloth. This step also helps to exfoliate as the muslin cloth will act as a slight buffer to help remove any dirt or impurities that are stuck in the skins pores. It removes makeup ultra-easily and the smell is just divine, very natural, but with a slight herbal scent helping you to relax before bedtime.

Skin Repair Moisturiser. It contains avocado oil and vitamin E so is really soothing on the skin, I like to use this when I have breakouts or generally irritated skin as this always helps to calm and soothe. I use this both morning and night and find it works well for both, it sits beautifully under makeup and doesn’t sit on top of the skin in the evening. Having formulations for normal/combination skin and also for dry/sensitive skin types, I have found it to really help with keeping my oily t-zone at bay throughout the day and has really helped at clearing my dry patches and blemishes, leaving my skin looking and feeling much more balanced. It’s a beautiful moisturiser that I would highly recommend to anyone.

And lastly, is the Skin Tonic Spritzer. Basically exactly the same as the Boost Skin Tonic but in a mist/spritzer form instead. Personally I love the Boost Skin Tonic and wouldn’t be without it but having it in a mist is even better. It’s so easy to use and it also means you can then carry it around in your handbag and spritz throughout the day to freshen up. Containing a whole host of skin friendly ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, cucumber, lavender and rose-scented geranium it leaves your skin feeling suitably refreshed and soothed.

There are many more products within the Liz Earle portfolio, and many of which I have tried and own, but these I would class the essentials to pick up if you’re wanting to get more into the brand and try some of their cult products.

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