Brand Focus: Peony Cosmetics

Brand Focus: Peony Cosmetics

There’s a brand that I have really come to love and enjoy thanks to Nourish Beauty Box, and that is Peony Cosmetics. A vegan-friendly brand formulated with botanically healthy-ingredients, flower-powered ingredients and superfruit extracts, all products being free from mineral oils and parabens.

I’ve tried a number of skincare and haircare products from the brand and have loved every product I have used so I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the brand and items I have tried out.

Brand Focus: Peony Cosmetics

Lagoon Drizzle*, a squalene based facial serum designed to replenish the skin, plump any fine lines and add a radiant glow to the skin. Blended with olive squalane, sunflower and linseed oils along with Omega-6 and Omega-3 this is cocktail for the skin, helping to aid in recovery and repair, soften and smooth any fine lines, reduce the appearance of pores and add a fresh, radiant glow to the skin. I love using this in the evenings as an extra serum layer and will often apply last before my oil or moisturiser. It’s made a massive difference to my skin, I have acne-prone skin and this has really helped to clear my skin and keeping blemishes at bay.

Blemish Zapper*, very similar to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, a bi-phase clay based formula infused with witch hazel and tea tree oil to help draw out impurities and toxins from the surface of the skin. I use this on all types of spots, one’s just starting to appear and one’s that won’t go away. It leaves the blemishes soothed and are visibly smaller and a lot less angry looking in the morning. It’s also great for bringing spots to a head that are struggling to go and then can be easily popped, gross I know, but brilliant!

Brand Focus: Peony Cosmetics

Prays Answered Facial Polish*. A facial polish made from crushed Olive Stones to add as the exfoliating grain combined with beetroot, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil to give nourishment and vitamins to the skin. My skin is very sensitive so doesn’t particularly like manual abrasive exfolients so I always tend to use acids instead but for my chest area and decolletage I like to use a manual exfoliator to really make that area lovely and smooth, which is what I like to use this for. It leaves my skin super nourished and soft with a beautiful subtle scent. Love it!

A New Beginning Pumpkin Pre-Cleanse Cream*. A makeup removal cleaner designed to be used as the first step of your cleansing routine. Containing pumpkin enzymes, pineapple and ginger extracts and pumpkin and lupin seed oils. It’s very effective at removing makeup, I apply this to a cotton pad and just sweep over my face like I would with any micellar water or bi-phase makeup remover and then follow with my second cleanse. This leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean without being stripped. I also like to use this as my morning cleanser as it’s so quick and easy to use and really leaves my skin glowing for the rest of the day.

Brand Focus: Peony Cosmetics

Rapunzel Hair Mist*, a beautiful that not only delivers shine but also moisture, glow and an amazing scent! Blended with orange blossom and coconut to give the most beautiful scent I have ever smelt, I wish they did this in a perfume! Along with aloe vera juice, flax seed and carrot tissue oils to add nutrients and hydration into the hair strands aswell as adding a vibrant shine. I absolutely love this! I use it every day and not only does it give amazing shine, it doesn’t make my hair look greasy which I know some shine sprays can do, it also makes it feel super smooth and nourished with a delicious scent! I wish I could buy this in bulk.

And that’s all the products I have tried. I honestly can’t praise this brand enough, they are US based so aren’t as readily available and other UK based brands but they do ship worldwide and you can also pick their products up through the Nourish Beauty Box site.

Let me know if you try any bits out, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*Products mentioned have been sent to me for consideration purposes, all opinions and results are truthfully my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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  • I’m so fortunate to have tried Peony Cosmetics through Nourish Beauty Box as well, their products are so so lovely! I completely agree on the Rapunzel Mist smelling incredible – tbh I love the smell of most of their products! I have yet to try the blemish zapper but I do like that it seems similar to the typical drying lotions. Can’t wait to try more from them!

    Cindy |

    • dreamingpretty

      They’re such a fab brand!